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Allstate Agents and Farmers Agents
Agency Acquisition Loans

If you are looking for a loan to acquire an existing Allstate or Farmers Insurance Agency and you are new to Allstate or Farmers Insurance, we can help!  I am sure you have been looking at financing options to purchase the agency and contacted the Small Business Administration (SBA) or a large bank and unfortunately heard, “I'm sorry, we can’t help you.”  Well now, it's finally changed!  The Small Business Administration (SBA) will help Allstate Agents and Farmers Agents with their 7(a) loan program for working capital requirements.  Call us today to get started!

At Wildhawk Capital, we specialize in loans only to Insurance Agencies.  We understand the insurance industry and can help you get the financing you need to reach your goals. Our Working Capital loans range in size from $10,000 to $20 Million, to help you grow.

Please fill out our Online Application, and a loan specialist will contact you shortly to discuss your financing needs and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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