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 January 31, 2018, Washington.  P&C Agency owner is ready to purchase a third and fourth agency, simultaneously, that will increase his annual commissionable revenue to $2.6 million.

Agency Owner’s Problem:  The SBA loan process is document intensive, taking much too long, and the SBA Program wants his house as collateral!

SBA loans can be an attractive option on the surface, but don’t be fooled!  Once you are into the transaction you realize this is not going to end soon, you may lose the acquisition to another buyer because of the 90 to 100 day closing time and the collateral they are asking for is much more than just your agency, it’s your home and more.

Our Solution:  The agency owner needed a $2.2M loan to close the purchase in 20 days, before one of the two Sellers backs out of the transaction.  The clock was ticking!

The agency owner was not only concerned about the rate, terms and timing of the transaction, he also wanted flexibility.  He wanted to continue his agency growth through acquisitions, without incurring refinancing penalties each time he needed to close a new purchase.  He wanted to build a long-term relationship with a lender that understood the insurance industry and would move quickly.

Once the agency owner was comfortable with all the business points of the Wildhawk Capital loan, we closed the transaction in 18 days from his document submittal.  He is now looking for his next opportunity!

About Wildhawk Capital:  Wildhawk Capital is a direct lender specializing in insurance industry lending.  We have worked with hundreds of companies that did not fit traditional lending or SBA 7(a) loan programs. We develop custom loan solutions to fit their businesses working capital, acquisition and special situation financing requirements.  Our loan programs range in size from $300,000 to $7 Million.  We understand the insurance industry and can help you get the financing you need for growth.

We believe that managing your insurance agency is your job. Finding the correct financing solution to accomplish your goals... is ours!

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